At Pahlisch Commercial, we’ve staked our reputation on building smart investment opportunities for our backing partners. From our pedestrian-friendly and innovative retail spaces to our amenity-rich multi-family developments, our developments leave no stone unturned. Each of our commercial projects carries on the Pahlisch legacy for quality.

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Since Bev and Dennis Pahlisch broke ground on their first homes in 1983, the Pahlisch family of brands has been committed to creating lasting communities that reflect the local culture and values. Owner and President, Dennis Pahlisch, heads the team with over 40 years of building experience. His emphasis on providing communities with balanced living, beautiful natural surroundings, and excellent homeowner care has led to the company’s success.  

When you invest in projects within Pahlisch master-planned communities, you can rest assured that we will leverage decades of development experience to create low risk, high return opportunities. We understand that your satisfaction is our success. With our extensive and diverse portfolio, we are equipped to meet a variety of investor needs. 

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Pahlisch Commercial development

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At Pahlisch, we are not just building individual assets; we are building master-planned communities from the ground up. Investing in projects within Pahlisch master plans lowers entitlement risk for investors because we’ve already laid the foundation for success. As the need for mixed-use development grows in the Pacific Northwest, Pahlisch Commercial strives to bring people home by filling the gap of quality, comfortable multi-family living near employment, schools, and shopping. 

Our developments are a direct response to community needs, and many of our projects become the glue that holds thriving, growing communities together. Whether we are addressing housing shortages with premium multi-family developments or designing commercial properties to drive local economic growth, we know that we are building for the whole community. 

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Each of our projects is attached to the Pahlisch name, and this is a responsibility we do not take lightly. As longtime residents of the communities that we build in, we understand that we’re helping to shape the future of the Pacific Northwest. That is why we focus our efforts on sustainable, superior products that maximize value for residents, investors, and owners.

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