The Pahlisch Standard:

Quality you can see, value you can feel, community you thrive in

As the Pacific Northwest’s premier commercial real estate developer, Pahlisch Commercial has a responsibility to the communities we work with. We are committed to creating beautiful, functional spaces that uphold our standards: quality you can see, value you can feel, community you thrive in. That means never compromising on materials, never rushing the process, and always putting the needs of our communities (and those who live there) first. 

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Pahlisch Commercial raises the bar when it comes to the construction and livability of our developments. This comes from our core behavior of looking through the eyes of our end users. We believe that in order to have a great community people need to take pride in where they live, work, and play. This pride helps foster the community. 

We believe that a well-built product is the beginning of that community pride. It starts with the little details, like soundproofing walls and floors, higher efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, and higher quality building envelope materials. We also take pride in bringing the most progressive amenity spaces to market, in order to foster community interactions.

keeping our community safe

Pahlisch Commercial is committed to safety

Pahlisch Commercial is committed to maintaining the safety and health of our employees, customers, trade partners, and the communities we operate in. Take a look at some of the strategies we put in place to protect our people and communities:

Pahlisch Learning Center⁠
Project Site Safety Manuals⁠
Safety Orientation Training⁠
CPR / First Aid / AED Training⁠
Lifesaving Equipment Onsite⁠
Construction Safety Training, including OSHA 30-Hour Training ⁠
for all field employees⁠
Safety Boot Program⁠
Toolbox Talks available in English and Spanish⁠



We exist to create community. To further this mission, we seek out like-minded partners, investors, and team members who bring understanding, respect, and open-mindedness to the table and job site. In working together to build community, we value courage, trust, clarity, accountability, and results.

Success to us looks like creating intentional living spaces that encourage people to come together, understand, and value one another.


our process

Pahlisch Commercial is a fully integrated commercial real estate developer, which means we manage the entire life cycle of each development project in-house. Though every project is different, our process is always founded on providing exceptional service for satisfied stakeholders and superior products


Market Definition

We want to ensure that where we invest our time and energy to create a new community is appropriate. We undertake extensive market research to ensure each development is data-backed and people-driven. 



We know that, in the end, we are all each other’s neighbors. We take a fair market approach to acquisitions because, ultimately, relationships are what matter. Many times, Pahlisch will partner with the land seller, offering better long term gain for the seller.


Product Development

We want to ensure that what we bring to market is appropriate for the existing community. For us, this means considering the unique needs of the residents and businesses that will ultimately call our development “home.”


Finance and Legal

We manage the finance sourcing and entity formations for all our projects in-house, reducing risk for investors and construction trade partners.



As a fully integrated commercial real estate developer, our construction teams work alongside our development teams to bring real-time, accurate construction market cost data during the design phase for more accurate finance modeling. 



Our construction team is made of the best professional construction managers in the industry. Safety is of utmost priority as well as quality and, of course, staying on-time and on-budget.


Asset Management

As with our construction trade partners, we also partner with our property managers. Pahlisch Commercial works directly with our property managers during lease up and continued operations. We believe this partnership makes us all better and creates a feedback loop on how we can improve our next development.

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